Document Management

Document Management | American Business Systems

Do you ever feel like your office is constantly piled high with papers and overflowing file cabinets? If so, a document management system can help you transform your office filing system, becoming more organized and simplified.

Electronic Document Management

An electronic document management system (whether network or cloud-based) is a great way to store your documents electronically. Cloud storage systems allow anytime, anywhere access, which is crucial for mobile workers.

When you upload your documents, select appropriate tags to make file retrieval simple and intuitive. Save time on filing and retrieving documents with an instinctive document management system.

Create and set permissions for your documents and files to keep them protected, accessed only by people with credentials to view or edit the document.

Optimize Your Existing System

If you have already implemented a document management system, we can still help! We can help create a more customized system that satisfies your business and document needs.

Some of the products we have to help in this are are:

  • Lexmark Capture Informtiom
  • Lexmark Automate Processes
  • Lexmark Manage Content
  • Lexmark Output Management
  • Lexmark Mobile Solutions
  • Lexmark Secure E-Signatures
  • Lexmark Smart Process Applications
  • Papercut
  • Nuance eCopy
  • SafeCom
  • NSI Autostore

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